Android Version 1.32.357


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

New Features


Restore DB: Adding the backup of the DB before doing restore. 


  • Supporting Long and Double input box with Decimal range
  • Log Enhancement - Print the variable name of a question when Dimensions fails to set the answer

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Minor Dimensions related bug fixes:
    • Dim Response exception when null is sent.
    • Question Events run on all questions and not just asked questions (OnAfterQuestionAsk, OnBeforeQuestionAsk)
    • OnAnswersUpdated throwing an exception. 
    • Exclusive and Dynamic refresh not working at the same time
  • Fixing issues related to Jumping to a Chapter in an interview that was saved & Continued
  • Fixing issues related font size when using android Accessibility Zoom (Android OS Setting)
  • Additional log enhancement for DB Save/Restore is done
  • Fixing issues related to function 'SelectedAnswerChoiceCode' returning code in the current locale of the device.
  • Fixing issues with cached user mode.
  • Fixing issues related to function 'GetAnswerCode' using the wrong coding string
  • Fixing issues with 'FlagByOddHours' not working properly
  • Hungarian language translation corrections.
  • Fixing issues when adding 'Fast back/forward' option causing an exception.
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