PC Surveyor Version 1.32.356


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

New Features

Survey Designer: Add an ability to automatically move forward in the survey after X seconds.

Survey Designer: Support Answer/Topic Text Format (Bold, Color etc.) 

Application Login: supporting white list to make sure that a certain IMEI/MAC is allowed to login to a device, click here to learn more

Application login: Supporting Cached users that allows a group of surveyors to work offline on the same device, click here to read how. 

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Minor Dimensions related bug fixes:
    • Iterating Filtered Categories issues
    • Add option to use Legacy Filtering - Dooblo_Legacy_Filtered_Categories_Enumeration
  • Fixing issues related to closing application when downloading is in progress.
  • Fixing issues related to Minimum Answers when an exclusive answer is selected. 
  • Fixing issues related to List Source questions using Other Specify causing exceptions.
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