Witholding Tax Instructions For Bank Wire Transfers


The Dooblo office is located in Israel (click here for Residency certificate). Some countries require that when making payments to foreign companies the company will with hold income tax as part of the payment procedure. This means that you as a customer might sometimes be required to withold tax from the wire transfer payment.

For some countries, Israel has a double-tax prevention treaty signed which means that any income tax witheld by you is recognized by our local tax authorities as "tax paid". For other countries where such a treaty does not exist, our local tax authorities will not recognize the witheld tax effectively meaning that Dooblo would be double taxed by your tax witholding. As Dooblo does not accept double-taxation please refer to the relevant section below to find out if your country has a tax treaty with Israel, and if not how you should proceed with making the bank transfer.


Case 1: Countries with Double-Tax-Prevention-Treaty signed with Israel

The below list of countries are the ones with which Israel has signed a  double-tax prevention treaty. If your country is listed here and you are required to withold taxes, this will not be an issue and you can go ahead with tax witholding, however you will have to send Dooblo the Tax-Witholding certificate proving the funds were witheld for tax purposes along with official seal from your tax agency.

Countries with double-tax prevention treaty signed with Israel:

Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria
Canada China Croatia Czechoslovakia Denmark Estonia
Ethiopia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece
Hungary India Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan
Korea Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Macedonia Malta
Mexico Moldova Netherlands Norway Panama Philippines
Poland Portugal Romania Russia Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan
Thailand Turkey UK Ukraine United States Uzbekistan


Case 2: Other Countries Not on the above list: Countries without Double-Tax-Prevention-Treaty signed with Israel

If your country is not on the above list of countries with a double tax prevention treaty - it would mean that in case you withold tax from the wire transfer payment, the tax authorities is Israel will not recognize this tax as tax paid by Dooblo and as such Dooblo will be double-taxed in this case. Since Dooblo does not accept double-tax situations, the options for you as a customer are as follows:

  1. Option 1: Use wire transfer, but request that Dooblo will add the tax witholding amount to the invoice so that you will be in charge of paying the tax-witholding. For example, if the invoice is for $1000 USD  and the tax witholding is 15%, the invoice will be for $1176USD instead and from that you can withold 15% which will mean that Dooblo will be wired the full $1000 USD. In this case you are financing the tax-witholding.
  2. Option 2: Use Credit card payments instead of Wire transfer. In this case when paying by credit card the invoice is from our payment processing company which is a US entity which usually means no tax witholding is necessary. 


In case your country is not on the list and you still withold tax 

In case your country is not on the list and you do not follow either option 1 or option 2 from the section above and still withold tax from the wire payment, be advised that Dooblo will deduct credits from your interview package in the sum totaling your witheld amount.

For example: If you purchased 6000 interview credits and witheld 15% of tax from the payment price, Dooblo will credit your account with only 5100 interviews to reflect the missing 15% in the wire payment.

To avoid any inconvenience in this matter please refer to "Case 2" section to understand the available options you have or contact our support team at support@dooblo.com.



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