Android Version 1.32.337


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. You are welcome to request an upgrade of your Android version if you wish to take advantage of these productive feature, send an email to our support 

New Features

Captured Fields: Capture the phone number of the device in addition to the IMEI, called 'DeviceMgr.SimID' 

Sound Recorder: SoundRecoder Stop Exception


  • Numeric input size difference Android\PC
  • Hitmap image substitution
  • Add Platform to DimGeneral
  • Add Screen details to DimUI
  • Date variables format
  • Mechanism to link the all silent recordings to a static question

UL Function: 

  • Support UL function to get the timestamp of a question: 
    • DVar GetQuestionTimestamp(int inQuesIndex);
    • DVar GetQuestionTimestampIter(int inQuesIndex, int inIterationIndex);
    • DVar GetQuestionTimestampIter(int inQuesIndex, String inIterationValue);
    • int GetQuestionDuration(int inQuesIndex);
    • int GetQuestionDurationIter(int inQuesIndex, int inIterationIndex);
    • int GetQuestionDurationIter(int inQuesIndex, String inIterationValue);
  • Support UL function to get the visit count
    • int GetQuestionVisitCount(int inQuesIndex);
    • int GetQuestionVisitCountIter(int inQuesIndex, int inIterationIndex);
    • int GetQuestionVisitCountIter(int inQuesIndex, String inIterationValue);
  • Add UL Function - "IsExtendedScreenActive()" that knows if Dual screen is running or not
  • Add UL function to retrieve Surveyor Name and LastName 
    • SurveyorFirstName
    • SurveyorLastName

SurveyDesign: Add ability to show progress bar instead of Question X out of Y

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues with Automatic inserts not working with numeric loops
  • Fixing issues with QC comments that are not formatted correctly.
  • Fixing issues with Top Banner in Dimensions. 
  • Fixing issues with MDD runner UTC Time returns incorrect time
  • Fixing issues with Locale format case insensitive and support old ISO codes. 
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