Dimensions (Unicom Intelligence) Dooblo Special Proprietary Functions


We have enhanced our Dimensions integration and and added new scripting capabilities that will allow you to use in Dimensions as a script and then run it in STG Data Collection app.

In this article you will find the list of all the Properties that are available for you to use.

Special Proprietary Functions


Function to check that the script is running on STG application. 

function IsSTG()
IsSTG = false
end function


A function that will check if the script is running using the Dummy Data Generator, please click here to learn more on how to use the Dummy Data Generator. 

if IOM.Info.IsAutoAnswer then
Write your condition here.
end if

Please note: These function will not throw any error or exception if run in Dimension. 


Please click here to view our samples.

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  • For the IsSTG() function, does STG change the value to true behind the scenes when it's launched from STG?

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