PC Surveyor Version 1.32.333


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. You are welcome to request an upgrade of your Android version if you wish to take advantage of these productive feature, send an email to our support support@dooblo.com 

New Features

Silent Recording - Support silent video recording 

Quality Control Flagging - New Quality Control flag 'FlaggedByAnswerCode' which will Flag interviews where answer coding is chosen in more than % of the relevant questions.

Survey Captured Fields - New extra fields called: 'TrackedAnswerCodeNum' and 'TrackedAnswerCodePercent' which are filled based on the 'FlaggedByAnswerCode' interview flagging.

KPI - Interviewer Productivity Metrics - Support Additional KPI called 'TrackedAnswerCodePercentage' a daily average for an interviewer overusing an answer code.

Survey User Logic - New UL function GetAttachedFilesCount  that will return the overall survey attachments count

Studio Operations Console - We have added 2 new fields that will show next to the timestamp of a question the total duration from the last question and how many visits were in that specific question

Survey User Logic - New User logic to count the Net Duration of an interview, The property will just return the NetDuration and the functions are aimed to create a custom net duration measurement of parts of the survey if they so wish.

Property -  ExecutionMgr.NetDurationMeasureStart("Chapter 1");

UL includes new functions:

  • int NetDuration - returns the total net duration of this interview (All durations are reported in seconds)
  • void NetDurationMeasureStart(String inKey) - Starts a new duration measurement 
  • void NetDurationMeasureClear(String inKey)  - removes the given duration.
  • int NetDurationMeasureStop(String inKey)  - Stops a duration measurement and returns the duration.
  • int NetDurationMeasureValue(String inKey) - Returns the current value for the specified measurement.

Survey Logic - When interview is canceled due to logic/script/quota Subject will be deleted and the information will be added to the interview log.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues with MultiNumeric questions that have 'Blank' topics
  • Fixing issues with SubjectActionLog/Subject Attachments if survey name is over 120 characters.
  • Fixing issues with attachment deletion not reported in interview log
  • Fixing issues with SubjectServerID in uploaded logs
  • Fixing issues with the path when creating silent recording (currently it's Temp).
  • Fixing issues with 'OK' button in options menu does not become enabled when changing options
  • Fixing issues with Multiple Selection Questions shown as AutoComplete.
  • Fixing issues with PositionTopicsOnImage auto Advance.
  • Fixing issues with Answer Row Space returning incorrect value
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