Studio Version 1.32.366

The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. You are welcome to request an upgrade of your Studio version if you wish to take advantage of these productive feature.If you wish to be upgraded please contact:

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 331 and higher

New Features

Studio Designer: Enhanced Search 

You can now search/filter a customer in the main designer screen Click on customer filtering and start typing the customer you would like to search for.

Survey Designer: Other Specify Variables added to Survey Search 

When using the Survey Search it will also search for the 'Other Specify' variable names

Survey Designer: Open Ended Question support for Min/Max Range validation for text

Dimensions Export: Exporting to Dimension supports also to include the location columns. 

Users and Groups: Users icon are the same color as the group for easy identification. 

Log Enhancement: Log enhancement for Quotas.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Issues with Question Validation Rules 
  • Issues with question reference when copying questions
  • Issues with exporting subject store columns
  • Issues with version management when upgrading with no public version
  • Issues with cross tabulation 
  • Issues with dimensions Answer/Topic execution
  • Issues with quota sheets when importing from dimensions
  • Issues with exporting scales to dimension 
  • Issues with SPSS New export provider not exporting Other Specify properly
  • Issues with re-syncing imported dimensions survey.
  • Issues with survey search
  • Issues with starting CS survey in Emulator
  • Issues with implementation of IExecutionMgr, ILanguageMgr, IChildMgr
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