Studio Version 1.32.362

The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. You are welcome to request an upgrade of your Studio version if you wish to take advantage of these productive feature.If you wish to be upgraded please contact:

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 328 and higher

New Features

Survey Designer: Interview Flagging - Added 4 new Quality Controls:

  • Straight lining - Single Choice Grid question has all the same answers.  ​
  • Open text short responses - Open End ​questions responses are very short.
  • Too Many Sessions - Survey is conducted in multiple sessions. 
  • Odd Hours - Surveys are not conducted in appropriate timing.

Security: Additional Right to allow Attachment Download

A new security right called 'Operations Download Attachments' to allow/disallow users to save attachments in the operations console.

SurveyToGo Account: Cancel Storage from Account Overview

You can now cancel the storage subscription from the Account Overview - 'storage Subscription Info'

Major Bug Fixes

  • Issues with Operations Console when opened on a removed survey
  • Issues with Organization Version Upgrade Display.
  • Issues with 'Answered' function behavior.
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