PC Surveyor Version 1.32.274


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. You are welcome to request an upgrade of your Android version if you wish to take advantage of these productive feature, send an email to our support support@dooblo.com 

New Features

  • Compound Grid Support - Supporting the usage of Compound Grid, Please Click Here to review our guide for further details. 
  • Support SilentVideoCapturing through User Logic and also on the UI in the Quality Control tab (Support both back or front camera capturing)
  • Support Custom Fonts - Click Here to learn more.
  • Adding attachments to Questions - Enhancing the ability to add Images, Audio, Video to a specific question, click here for more information
  • Questions with Long Auto Complete List - Supporting the start filtering data after choosing it in the Studio.
  • Sketch Questions Enhancement - Supporting the ability to Pan/Zoom the sketch image control.
  • Filled Quotas - Highlighting filled quotas for better management and control
  • Ability to read battery level on device and add it to the logs
  • Added support for the following functions: GetAttachmentSizeInKB(), GetSoundRecordingLengthInSeconds(), GetVideoRecordingLengthInSeconds()
  • New function OnNetworkStateChanged() - Please click here to learn more.
  • New field that can be captured called DeviceModel, which later can be added to the Operation Console Grid. 
  • Add GPS related settings to app info
  • Support IsRegEx on Android, click here to learn more about Regular Expressions

Major Bug Fixes

  • Issues when syncing surveys prevent loading of surveys. 
  • Issues with Other Specify - Do not Allow to continue without entering a value
  • Issues with Multiple Other Specify in Single Choice Question.
  • Recorder Issues: Do not add recording if recorder is already in use.
  • Issues with syncing results 
  • Issues with DateTime questions 
  • Issues with rendering questions while attachment is open and timer has elapsed.
  • Supporting ContainsChoiceOneOf() function in SingleChoiceGrids as well as MutlipleSelectionGrid
  • Adding additional information to Interview log: When user uses 'GoTo' Functions such Jump to a question, Showing Expression answers in Interview Logs.
  • Issues with Quota capturing when more than 1 quota is filled
  • Supporting Other Specify in CQRP Questions.
  • Issues with SetAnswerWithAdditionalTexts on single choice questions
  • Issue with Numeric Calculation not showing keyboard
  • Issue with handling camera once interview stops
  • Silent Recording issue when calling stop immediately after start.
  • Issues with Implementation of Compound Grid, for example: Using  Headers, Nested Loops.
  • Issues with by passing the login screen without entering a password.
  • Issues with reporting uploaded results when they are part of a Task.
  • Issues with HTML Labels 
  • Issues while working with Jelly Bean version of Android.
  • Issues when logging from cash - No refresh is done.
  • Issues with the function 'OnGetAttachmentName'
  • Issues with returning subject when logging in with a different user
  • Issues with Text highlight render mode
  • Syncing Issues when using 'Do Not Use Network Compression'
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