Android Version 1.32.595


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. 

New Features

  • Logs: Expand logs to elaborate on clock change events. These will show up in the following manner:
    Device Time has changed. New Time[2023-09-13T16:01:00+03:00], Old Time[2023-09-13T15:43:03+03:00], New System Offset[00:00:07:702], Old System Offset[-00:17:01:514], Offset difference[00:17:09:216]
    • Where:
      • New Time: The new device time
      • Old Time: The old device time
      • New System Offset: Offset after the change
      • Old System Offset: Offset before the change
      • Offset Difference: Difference between the old and new offsets (how much changed since the last time we indicated the clock was changed).
  • GPS: Update mock location identifier for newer Android APIs.

Bug Fixes

**No Bug Fixes**

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