Studio Version 1.32.652

Supported Android/PC Surveyor/CAWI Version: 594 and higher 

New Features

  • CAWI Themes: We now support including custom CSS and JS files as part of CAWI Themes. These can be added when using the CAWI Themes Editor:
  • Quotas: New quotas view "(Remaining) Completes / Target" displays how many interviews remain before meeting the target:

  • SPSS Export: We now support exporting Multiple Selection Grid questions with their labels.
  • Operation Console: We now support showing the 'Surveyor Comment' column. It can be enabled by going to 'Edit my columns...' or 'Edit all columns...':
  • Advanced Input: We have added a new advanced input shortcut for 'Do Not Random':

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to incorrect question index for duplicate variables.
  • Fixing issues related to Task assignment incorrect error.
  • Fixing issues regarding Heatmap question region setup for large images.
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